eine blaue Glasschale
© Foto: Frank Meurer

Frank Meurer - Glass

Frank Meurer’s studio glass works always demand a second look. Their decorative elements, be they graphic or geometric, appear to float between the surface layers, and seem to multiply, be superimposed and even to move. Oblique polished sections and sandblasted outer surfaces direct the gaze into the bewildering interior of these vessels, heightening the contrast between external calm and inner turbulence.

  • DATES 14/07/2013—03/11/2013
  • Opening Hours currently closed


The objects are free-blown at his own studio furnace, and hand-finished. All stages in their creation, from original design to final grinding and polishing are carried out by Meurer himself. This young artist uses both Venetian reticello work and the graal technique, originally developed in Sweden, to create his overlay bowls.

farbie Schalen aus Glas
© Foto: Frank Meurer
Frank Meurer, Halbschalen transparent, 2011


Forty glass objects, specially selected from his most recent work, will be shown for the first time in this exhibition.

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