Please note that several exhibition rooms of the Museum of Decorative Arts are not accessible until 1 October 2021 due to technical reasons. The exhibition "Nouveautés - Art School and Lace Industry in Plauen" is open without any restrictions.

Intro text Kunstgewerbemuseum

The idyllic location in Pillnitz draws visitors to the ensemble – conceived as a summer residence – from May to October. In addition to presenting their holdings, the museum also shows special exhibitions in Pillnitz as well as in other locations.

Permanent exhibition

The collection of the Kunstgewerbemuseum

The collection of the Kunstgewerbemuseum holds over 60,000 objects, ranging from pieces of furniture, textiles to musical instruments and vessels to clocks and clock-faces.

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Exhibition series by Kunstgewerbemuseum and the Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten Sachsen (State Palaces, Castles and Gardens of Saxony)

Artists' Conquest

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Raumansicht mit Kunstwerken an den Wändern
© Myriam Thyes, Dresden 2021
Sonderausstellung im Kunstgewerbemuseum, Schloss Pillnitz

Nouveautés – Kunstschule und Spitzenindustrie in Plauen

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Ausstellungsansicht "Nouveautés"
© SKD, Foto: David Pinzer


Special exhibition by the Kunstgewerbemuseum at Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau

German Design 1949 – 1989

Two Countries, One History

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Innenansicht vom Palast der Republik in Berlin-Mitte, 1977
© Uhlenhut

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Past exhibitions of the Kunstgewerbemuseum


Weitere Ausstellungen

Further Exhibitions


in Residenzschloss

Portrait eines Mannes mit Hut und Vollbart


in Jägerhof

Marionette, die auf einer Kiste sitzt
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