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Beauty of Form

Christa Petroff-Bohne is one of the most important designers in German post-war history. Born in Colditz, Saxony, in 1932, she initially trained as a ceramics painter and then studied design at the Kunstgewerbeschule (school of applied arts) in Dresden, which by that time was already affiliated to the Hochschule für Bildende Künste, and at the Berlin Hochschule für angewandte Kunst (Academy of Applied Art) in Berlin-Weißensee.

  • DATES 25/04/2020—01/11/2020

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Petroff-Bohne’s work influenced design in the GDR in many ways. She designed, for example, the elegant crockery and cutlery for VEB Auer Besteck- und Silberwarenwerke (a company producing cutlery and silverware). For more than forty years, Petroff-Bohne was responsible for ceramics and basic education at the Academy in Weißensee, inspiring generations of designers. Just as her own work is impressive for its timeless elegance, she has always emphasised proportion, harmony and order as central themes in her teaching. The exhibition not only provides a comprehensive overview of Petroff-Bohne’s work, but also pays particular attention to her work as a university teacher.

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Christa Petroff- Bohne (Entwurf), Kaffeekanne, um 1961 VEB Auer Besteck- und Silberwarenwerke (Ausführung)

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