Blick in die Ausstellung "Schönheit der Form. Die Designerin Christa-Petroff-Bohne"
© SKD, Foto: Klemens Renner

Beauty of Form

The Designer Christa Petroff-Bohne

In the exhibition “Beauty of Form”, the Kunstgewerbemuseum (Museum of Decorative Arts) is dedicated to the work of the designer Christa Petroff-Bohne, who is one of the most important German designers of the 1950s and 1960s.

  • DATES 27/06/2020—01/11/2020

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Schönheit der Form. Die Designerin Christa Petroff-Bohne im Kunstgewerbemuseum, Schloss Pillnitz

With her designs

With her designs for industry, she brought contemporary design into every day culture of the newly founded German Democratic Republic (GDR). As a professor at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, she was a formative personality and influenced generations of students. Her work is an important testimony to modern design activities in the GDR and is also relevant in international comparison.

The presentation in the River Palace in Schloss Pillnitz introduces the designer both as an industrial designer and as a teacher, shows her professional network and illustrates the situation of designers in the GDR as a complex network of relationships. 

© SKD, Foto: Klemens Renner
Christa Petroff-Bohne in der Ausstellung "Schönheit der Form", 2020

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In addition to industrial products, Christa Petroff-Böhne’s teaching activities and her mediation of aesthetic principles are illustrated in an unusual range using works by her students from the basic course “Visual-Aesthetic Design”. The show also focuses on the origins and contexts of this specific basic course for industrial design with references to the Bauhaus, the crafts, the „New Seeing“ and the study of nature.

With this show, the museum once again takes up two themes that it feels obliged to address: on the one hand, the topic of GDR design in a broader discourse, and on the other hand, the examination of the work of female designers in the past and present.

© SKD, Foto: Franziska Graßl
Christa Petroff- Bohne (Entwurf), Kaffeekanne, um 1961 VEB Auer Besteck- und Silberwarenwerke (Ausführung), Kunstgewerbemuseum

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Publication accompanying the exhibition

Schönheit der Form. Die Designerin Christa Petroff-Bohne

herausgegeben von Jörg Petruschat und Silke Ihden-Rothkirch im Verlag form+zweck, Berlin 2020, 288 Seiten, 49 €, ISBN 978-3-947045-17-4



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