Ausstellungsansicht "Blickwechsel: Chiharu Shiota und das Wechselspiel von Innen und Außen"
© SKD, Foto: Klemens Renner

Blickwechsel. Chiharu Shiota and the Interplay of Inside and Outside

Built under Augustus the Strong and expanded in multiple phases between 1720 and 1826, Schloss Pillnitz (Pillnitz Palace) once served the Saxon court as a pleasure palace and summer residence. The oldest structural element of the palatial complex is the Wasserpalais (Waterside Palace) with its elegant exterior staircase that leads down to the Elbe, once serving as a landing for the gondolas of the ruler and his guests. The extensive surrounding gardens and designed landscape commingled with the architecture, which was in part ephemeral, forming a unity and evoking the interplay of inside and outside whilst seemingly dissolving the boundaries between nature and culture.

  • DATES 30/04/2022—27/07/2022


Vor dem Bergpalais eine Gartenanlage mit Teich und Wasserfontäne
© Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Foto: Klemens Renner
Schloss Pillnitz, Wasserpalais

An eben dieses besondere Raumerlebnis

Chiharu Shiota (b. 1972) collected the components used in the large installation “Inside-Outside” from construction sites in the east of Berlin. The artist, born in Osaka, Japan, has lived in Berlin since the
late 1990s. The old wooden windows, now rearranged to form a fantastical architecture, were replaced in droves by synthetic window frames in the years following German reunification – a token of recovery and modernization. As symbols of permeable boundaries between exterior and interior space, they serve as witnesses of the life that once surrounded them. With this at work, the open, walk-in installation blurs the distinction between inside and outside, between personal and public space, between the observer and the observed. In “Switching Views” here, a topic emerges to which further works from the Schenkung Sammlung Hoffmann will be responding from late July onwards, when the exhibition series “Artists’ Conquest” launches at various sites within the Palace and Park Pillnitz.


Ausstellungsansicht einer Installation aus alten Fensterrahmen
© SKD, Foto: Klemens Renner
Ausstellungsansicht "Blickwechsel: Chiharu Shiota und das Wechselspiel von Innen und Außen"

Die Familie Hoffmann

In March 2018, the Hoffmann family donated their extensive collection of contemporary art, comprising some 1,200 works, to the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. A goal for the donated works is to have them enter a dialogue with objects from the various museums of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, thereby opening up different perspectives and levels of meaning for both the contemporary and the historical exhibits.

To the Schenkung Sammlung Hoffmann


Further Exhibitions
30/04/2022 —31/10/2022

Spoon Archaeology

in Schloss Pillnitz


in Schloss Pillnitz

gelber Kasten mit vier Füßen

Design around 1800

in Schloss Pillnitz

Klassizistischer Leuchter der Chursächsischen Spiegelfabrik
24/06/2022 —25/09/2022
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