Ausstellungsansicht Artists' Conquest 2023
© Tilmann Finner

Artists' Conquest 2023

Once again this year, contemporary artists will conquer the historic Pillnitz Palace and park grounds in the joint exhibition series Artists' Conquest by the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden and the Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten Sachsen gGmbH.

  • DATES 29/07/2023—31/10/2023


With their large-scale works, the artists provide a new perspective on the unique cultural monument and the museum presentations. To complement the September exhibition Paper Alive! - Paper Art International of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA), works of art made of paper will be on display. The diverse positions range from the water-powered paper printing machine "Fortuna Wheel", which was created at the Design Campus Summer School under Future Farmers (USA, Belgium), to paper bead art by Sanaa Gateja (Uganda) and therapeutic group works by the Peace Paper Project (USA), which address war and crisis traumas by means of papermaking and collaborated with Ukrainian participants of kolibri e.V. for the exhibition in Dresden.

© Tilmann Finner
Ausstellungsansicht Artists' Conquest 2023 „Fortuna Wheel“, Futurefarmers

"Fortuna Wheel" by Futurefarmers

This wooden printing machine, reminiscent of a mill wheel, was developed here in Pillnitz Palace by participants of the Design Campus Summer School 2022 under the guidance of the artist collective Futurefarmers. It links the place created by human hands, the irrepressible elemental force of the river and the ever-changing nature of the palace. Driven by the water power of the river Elbe, printed paper webs were created with it, the motifs of which were inspired by the Chinoise palace and park complex and the surrounding river landscape. Futurefarmers are an international group composed of artists, architects, anthropologists and farmers with a common interest in creating opportunities for participation that recalibrate our cultural compass.

Papierpresse aus Holz im Hintergrund, davor Personen
© Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Foto: Tilmann Finner
Papierdruckmaschine „Fortuna Wheel“ von Future Farmers „The Untold River“, Workshop by Futurefarmers 2022 © KGM/SKD, Photo: T. Finner

"Home of Plenty" by Sanaa Gateja

While wondering at the baroque Yellow Tea room of the Riverside Palace, Ugandan Artist Sanaa Gateja sees its fascinating decor and architectural beauty portraying a Home of Plenty. Traditional Homes in Africa had beautifully looked after granaries which sometimes would be decorated with art. Gateja’s chandelier is in the shape of a granary that welcomes people to the table of plenty. Throwing light on the dining table and the magnificent room, it enhances the feeling of pleasure and happiness. Sanaa Gateja is a mixed-media artist and jewelry designer, known for his use of recycled and sustainable materials — largely paper beads — to create largescale, intricate works that send messages of hope for our environment. His pieces are made of recycled paper beads stitched on barkcloth.

drei runde Tischmatten aus Papierperlen
© Sanaa Gateja
Table mats von Sanaa Gateja Detail of Changes 2, president Obamas campaign material of 2008, Photo: Emma Photo

Peace Paper Project

Peace Paper Project artists & facilitators Jana Schumacher & Drew Matott conducted a papermaking workshop at the Dresden University of Fine Arts with displaced Ukrainian families. Participants recently made individual works of art by transforming clothing of community significance into pulp and then paper. After forming the sheets of paper, the participants were invited to adorn their work with stencil printing using finely processed and pigmented cotton pulps. The workshop provided the creative space for individuals to use the papermaking processes to reflect on their experiences and tell their own story. You can experience its outcome here.

gelbe Flüssigkeit in einem Rahmen zum Papierschöpfen
© Foto: Stina Leek, Salome Kurtsikashvili
Workshop "Peace Paper Project" in Estland 2022 Peace Paper Project Workshop in Estonia/2022, Photo: Stina Leek, Salome Kurtsikashvili


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Sustainable, artistic paper production processes are also referred to in the parallel exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts: Plant Fever. Towards a Phyto-centred design.

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