ein Chamäleon vor einem bunten Textildesign
© Uta Tischendorf, SUB Design

Saxon State Award for Design. An exhibition of the award winner and the nominees 2012

The exhibition presents the award-winning and nominated products for the Saxon State Award for Design 2012. It offers a perfect overview of the current status of design development in the Free State of Saxony and of innovative products of Saxon manufacturers.

  • DATES 01/05/2013—18/08/2013
  • Opening Hours currently closed


The competition for the Saxon State Award for Design was already held for the 13th time and reached a new high with 318 submissions. 39 outstanding products were nominated and 16 of them were awarded with a price. A jury, among whose prominent members was Prof. Gerhard Friedrich, BMW Group and Martin Pross, Director Scholz & Friends Group, decided on the recipients. For the first time, the Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen GmbH donated the trophy made of real Meissen porcelain.

das Spielzeitheft des theater junge generation
© André Wandslebe, pingundpong Dresden, Foto: tjg.theater junge generation
André Wandslebe, tjg. Theater junge generation, Spielzeitheft 2012/13 Nominierung Kategorie Kommunikationsdesign


The spectrum of the exhibited objects includes a cruiser in timeless style, the lamp RIMA that is operated by gestures and the unique furniture “break a cafetable”. The exhibition impressively demonstrates that outstanding design not only unites quality, functionality and esthetics, but has also become a competitive advantage in today’s globalized markets - and that Saxon enterprises have recognized this fact.

eine Frau mit einem Kleid mit großem Kragen
© Corinna Busch, Kathi Halama, mutare design, Dresden
Corinna Busch, Kathi Halama, Couture unter Verwendung historischer Henry Van de Velde Gewebe, 3 Damen-Outfits für den besonderen Anlass

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