Common Knowledge – Ideas to Counter the Information Crisis

BIO26 │ Biennial of Design, Ljubljana, at the Kunstgewerbemuseum

»BIO 26« in Ljubljana is Europe’s oldest biennial of design. Founded in 1963, from November 2019 it will be dedicated to the topic of »Common Knowledge« and will be looking for ideas that show ways out of the current crisis of information.

  • DATES 27/06/2020—01/11/2020

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In preparation, designers, architects, scientists, artists, communication experts, education experts and sociologists have been invited to submit their contributions. The candidates were selected by a jury and have been assembled into interdisciplinary teams. Together, they are developing ideas and prototypes which are intended to show ways in which society can optimise the handling of information and its veracity, knowledge and knowledge transfer, and offer alternatives. The manifold results of the Biennial, curated by museum director Thomas Geisler, will then be presented at the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Dresden in 2020.

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Further Exhibitions
25.04.2020 —01.11.2020


im Residenzschloss

Portrait eines Mannes mit Hut und Vollbart
30.05.2020 —01.11.2020

Design around 1800

im Schloss Pillnitz

Vor dem Bergpalais eine Gartenanlage mit Teich und Wasserfontäne
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